Garlic Bread   $9.50

turkish style


Zucchini & Halloumi Fritters  $10.50

fried veg fritters with cheese goodness


Grilled Maple & Miso Eggplant (gf + vegan) $10.50


Corn & Black bean Quesadilla (2)   $10.50


Grilled Mushrooms  $10.50

served with hommus, halloumi & rye bread



Fat Chips  $10.50

with blue cheese aioli


Sweet Potato Chips  $10.50

with chipotle aioli


Shoestring Fries  $10.50

with chilli & parmesan



Oysters - Natural (doz)   $20

with Gin Mignonette


Oysters - Kilpatrick (doz) $21


Prawn & Chorizo Skewers $16

with apple cider + ginger glaze


Chimichurri Barramundi  $16

with charred mango salsa


Salt + Pepper Squid  $13

with aioli




Honey Soy Chicken  $12.50  (GF)

marinated strips with chipotle aioli


Lamb Kofta  $12.50  (GF)

Middle Eastern spiced lamb with couscous


Popcorn Pork  $12.50  (GF)

popcorn crusted bites served with chipotle aioli


Mini Charcuterie  $20 (GF available)

jamón & chorizo, grilled vegetables, cheese, sloe gin marmalade &

rye bread


Pork Riblets  $15  (GF)

pincho ribs with sherry glaze

PIZZA menu $16.50

Chicken & Mushroom

chicken, pancetta + mushroom


Jerk Chicken

Jamaican spice chicken with rum, pineapple + bacon

Korean Pork

Korean style BBQ Pork with red onion + kimchi


AL is a Fun Guy

mushroom, red onion, thyme, goat’s cheese + balsamic rocket


The Meat Eater

lamb, sopressa, prosciutto, pork + BBQ Sauce


The Wog Boy

lamb, red onion, goat’s cheese, balsamic rocket + garlic yoghurt

The Old School

margarita - tomato, boccocini + basil

Pulled Pork

smoked pork. cabbage + BBQ sauce


(all three as one serve)

-Jerk Chicken

-Chorizo & Corn

-Corn& Black Bean


Served with salsa and baja Sauce

[GFO] All pizzas are also available in Gluten Free Option [$3 extra charge]



Burgers/ Sanga’s



JD Cheese Burger    $15.50

beef patty, JD BBQ sauce, bacon, smoked cheddar + pickles on brioche


Korean BBQ Pork Burger $15.50

marinated pork, kimchi & kewpie on brioche


Pulled Pork Burger  $15.50

smoked pork with apple coleslaw

Reuben Sandwich  $15.50

smoked brisket with sauerkraut, mustard, pickles + goat's cheese on rye

Grilled Chicken Sandwich  $15.50

grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato + raspberry chipotle ketchup